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This Strada is an Italian restaurant located in what must be amongst the most stunning developments in London to date.

With breathtaking views of the Thames, Tower Bridge and the City skyline, a meal at Strada More London is an occasion to remember.

The restaurant has a full bar, plenty of outside seating and is perfect for business lunches, functions or romantic dinners.


  • Outside seats
  • Step free access
  • Accessible toilets
  • Free wifi


2 More London Place
The Riverside

Contact details

Tel: 020 7403 8321

Opening hours

Mon - Sat:
11.00am - 11.00pm
11.00am - 10.30pm

Free O2 Wifi available at this location
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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Dahlia Belloul

Although at first the staff seemed to have no idea who I was (I had booked in advance), the evening went very well. We were served by Stefano who was brilliant, attentive, informative, friendly and provided excellent service through the night.

The view at Riverside is absolutely wonderful and we were placed by the window - where the restaurant seemed to prioritise seating (filling window seats before central ones). The lighting was relatively dark but the atmosphere was brilliant.

The “Tasting Menu” offered a great range of food, some a lot better than others. There were limited choices - ultimately, the menu is fixed with the exception of the starter - but enough variety.

Overall it was pleasant and enjoyable, below I have outlined the different stages in the meal and my comments on each course.

The starter consisted of olives, a garlic and rosemary bread and a platter of cold cut meats, tapenade, bread and bruschetta. The garlic bread and tapenade were delicious. The tomatoes on the bruschetta didn’t feel fresh enough for my liking and the meats felt inauthentic. The dish was well presented and the mozerella was well sourced with a smooth consistency and rich flavour.

There was pasta, risotto and pizza for mains garnished with pancetta, broccoli and chilli; pumpkin pancetta, spinach; and mushrooms, ham and artichoke respectively. Of the three, the Risotto Zucca was unexpectedly the best. It was very smooth, flavoursome and a variety of textures.

Pork fillet and sea bream were presented as the grill element of the meal and were also delicious. The pork was cooked to absolute perfection – still moist, bursting with intricate flavours and accompanied with a rich butter sauce. The fish was textbook literally slipping off the bone. Unfortunately there was little variety of the accompaniments to the grills – both coming with green beans and potato. This would have been a great opportunity to present something different.

The deserts were all very different. There was: a cooling pistachio ice cream that wasn’t too sweet; an iced nougat which presented an original and interesting taste with well selected ingredients providing a gentle sweetness of Italy; and a chocolate custard soaked in amaretto liqueur. This final one was very sweet and tasted relatively alcoholic – the texture was great and it wasn’t too heavy.

This was the first time I had eaten at Strada and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The food was always well presented and appetising. I would happily go on to recommend Strada, in particular, the Riverside restaurant at More London.

Dayna Bent

I took my Mum with me as I thought she deserved a treat.. And boy did we get that!!!

We had the Olives, Flatbread and Antipasto for starters.
The olives were big, the colour was so vibrant and ever so tasty. I’m not generally an olive fan but I couldn’t get enough of these.
The rosemary flatbread literally melted in the mouth. I could of happily eaten a whole plate to myself.
The antipasto was goregeous to look at and even more so to eat. An absolute meat lovers heaven!!!

For main we had the strozzapreti pugliese and Sea Bream.
I didn’t particularly enjoy the Strozzapreti Pugliese as the pasta was slightly too aldente for me, but the bits of sausage, pancetta and broccoli were nice. I would of preferred more sauce with it too.
The Sea Bream was delightful. Presented very well, smelled delicious and was cooked to perfection. I’m a big fish lover and this was one of the best I’ve ever had.

The affogato ice cream with the hot espresso poured on top was a perfect end to a perfect meal.

Well done Strada, you have totally outdone yourselves with this new menu.

F Margiotta

Excellent and plentiful food, fresh and well cooked. We found portion size was ample and were pleased with a very attentive service.

Carol Adams

I visited Riverside with two friends and we started on this wonderful menu at 12.30. Here are my comments:

The Olives were fantastic as was the Schiacciatella Aglio Flatbread

We then enjoyed the Antipasto of which the highlight for me was the buffalo mozzarella, although it was difficult to choose one item!

After a fairly lengthy break to make more room in our ever filling tummies, we continued with the Strozzapreti Pugliese and Risotto Zucca. The pasta was beautifully cooked with a touch of chilli and the Luganica sausage was very tasty. The Risotto was very light and easy to devour.

Another break ... and along came the Quattro Stagioni pizza. Our taste buds were tingling by now.

Then the piece de resistance ... Saltimbocca Maiale and Orata al Forno. We had tried the Saltimbocca many times before and this did not disappoint, together with the creamy mash and beans. The waitress kindly filleted the sea bream which was delicious, complemented by the lovely roasted new potatoes.

By now, we were three hours into our feast and needed to have a longer interval before the desserts ... and when they came, again they were so wonderful. The Affogato with the espresso to pour over was fantastic the pistacchio gelato gorgeous and smooth but our personal favourite was the Bunet Piemontese which was TO DIE FOR ... I don’t usually like that phrase but it sums it up perfectly. My two friends’ favourite liqueur is Amaretto, so you can imagine that they were in heaven!

We finally emerged from the restaurant - which of course has a fantastic view of Tower Bridge - at around 4.30, so full of gourmet delights that we wouldn’t need to eat again all week!!!

I absolutely cannot fault this fabulous menu - everything was cooked to perfection and the staff were impeccable. They were attentive without being intrusive. I would not hesitate to recommend Strada to anybody. In fact I have been doing so for many years now.

Thank you for inviting me to be an official food reviewer.

Mrs S Neophytou

Myself and some friends ate at a Strada last night which incidentally has some of the best views of London, particularly when it is warm enough to eat outside. We started with large, juicy olives and warm rosemary bread. This was followed by a plate of antipasto which all agreed was beautifully presented. The cold meats were all tasty and it came with an olive tapenade which was also tasty, although the boys thought it a little bland.

We then had a large variety of main courses. The Quattro Stagioni pizza had a nice crisp base and a very good covering of fillings. The Risotta Zuca was a huge surprise - unanimous decision of ‘super’ . It was very well balanced, had depth and the contrast of the crunchy pine nuts on top with the smooth rice gave a great texture contrast.

We shared both the Saltimbocca di maiale and the Orata al forno. This huge Sea Bream was cooked to perfection and was the overall favourite of my guests and I. I have eaten the Saltimbocca before and found it both delicious and filling. Just what you want on a cold winter’s night. It was judged to be tastier than it looked on the plate.

On to our desserts which were Affogato, nougat semi freddo icecream with a shot of espresso to pour over it. Divine! and a long term favourite dessert of mine at this Strada. The Bunet was a soft chocolate dessert with Amaretto and hazlenuts - “5 Star” was our overall comment. We also tried the Pistaccio icecream which was ok, if you like ice cream but far out-classed by its companion desserts.

The restaurant was very busy but the staff, as ever, were helpful and polite and also managed to accommodate our extra, unexpected guest.

I find the food in this restaurant consistently good and I always get excellent service. I just wish the drinks bill wasn’t always so high!!

Chia-wen Liu

Three friends and I visited Strada More London branch to sampled the reviewers’ tasting menu. We were seated on the first floor by the window with spectacular view of Tower Bridge. We had some issue with the reviewers’ voucher at first but the staff agreed to let us used the voucher at the end.

Olives- We all loved those big, green olives in light marinade.

Schiacciatella Aglio flat bread- Star of the starters, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Baked to perfection and served warm in a basket.

Antipasto- Nice presentation of ham and salad, great starter for friends or family to share.

Strozzapreti Pugliese- You would love this dish if you like spicy food. We found the plate was quite greasy when finished eating. Probably is because the sausages and chili butter were a bit too much.

Risotto Zucca- I enjoyed this main course the most. With pumpkin and butternut squash, this is a winter comfort food and very filling. We love that we got fresh parmesan generously grated on the top.

Quattro stagioni- Four pizzas in one. There is something for everyone. Although we love the flat bread more.

Saltimbocca maiale- The pork was seasoned well, but too dry. Mashed potato was nice and creamy with a very good butter sauce.

Orata al forno- Presentation was very good and it’s a huge portion. You got the wow factor when the dish was put on the table. But the fish was dry and whole dish smelled too fishy. The side salad tasted like fish as well, which was disappointing.

Affogato- Espresso has a wonderful aroma and was the perfect company of the iced nougat semi-freddo ice cream.

Bunet Piemontese- You got the crunchiness from hazelnuts and Amaretti biscuits. The bunet was wobbly, a very interesting dessert.

Pistachio Gelato- Creamy but light, perfect dessert for ending a huge meal.

Throughout the evening the staff were changing our plates and cutlery frequently but they didn’t offer more water or wine when our glasses were empty as every time we had to ask them for it. We felt the staff could be more concerned about it.

Thank you Strada for the opportunity. We will definitely back for the flat bread, risotto and gelato!

Lindsay Seels

I was absolutely thrilled when I received an email informing me I had been selected to be a Strada reviewer. Out of the local restaurants available I decided to go with the More London Strada as I was looking forward to the spectacular views from the restaurants location, however the views where totally eclipsed by the delicious high quality food.

My guest and I where lucky enough to sample the entire range of new dishes. To start we where presented with large Castelvetrano green olives, we where pleasantly surprised as the olives where not bitter and had a smooth creamy taste, they where also firm and tasted fresh. After the olives our next course was Schiacciatella Aglio Flat Bread, the flat bread was wonderfully fragrant, it managed to be crisp and light whilst being hearty & warming. Whilst an Antipasto is essentially just put together, this one was superbly constructed showing off its vibrant colours making the mouth water.

The first of the mains we sampled was Risotto Zucca, whilst risotto is renowned for being a tricky dish to get perfect every time the rice itself was spot on however we did feel that pumpkin being one of the main ingredients we would of thought that there would have been more pumpkin than we discovered. The Strozzapreti Pugliese had a wonderful chilli kick and the pasta itself was pleasingly filling. Our next offering was Quattro Stagioni pizza, this regrettably whilst pleasing on the eye was lacking in flavour. The Orata Al Forno (whole sea bream) was presented superbly (although some people might not be took keen on the head & tail still attached) whilst I did my best to sample this dish, admittedly sea bream is not a favourite of either my guest or myself therefore our thoughts on the fish itself probably aren’t as broad as they could have been, this being said the potato & salad accompaniment was absolutely delicious.

And finally deserts (our collective favourite course) the first one we where presented with was Affogato which was accompanied by a shot of hot espresso to pour over the top, if being completely honest we both found that each of these where very nice on there own but when tried combined we found that the espresso dominated the flavour. To our taste we the combination of this desert does not work however had this been a desert accompanied by a shot of espresso to take a bite of the desert and have a sip of the espresso afterwards does make for a tantalising combination. The penultimate course was Bunet Piemontese itself was superb and the crushed Amaretti biscuits and splash of amaretto liqueur absolutely topped it off perfectly and made a fabulous desert. Our final desert wad Pistachio Gelato which was smooth & creamy and is an ideal, light desert to follow a filling meal.

Laura Smith

We visited the Strada just by Tower Bridge - what a beautiful setting its in, couldn’t recommend it highly enough for either a romantic meal or family/friends meal.

This time I visited with my boyfriend, my pensioner mother and early 20s niece!

Going for something a bit different, we opted for some of the new dishes on the menu and we were delighted with our choice.

Such a variety - starters of juicy, plump olives, delicious tomato and pesto bread and an antipasto selection. It was really nice to share as not something we’d normally do with our dishes but it meant we all got to experience the different tastes.

For the mains we chose to share those so we all got a bite of each - I’d highly recommend the Risotto Zucca, filled with pumpkin, squash, pancetta and spinach in a creamy sauce.

We also sampled the Strozzapretti Pugliese pasta which was a nice fresh taste with a hint of chilli and the Quattro Stagioni pizza with a light thin base, interesting flavours and split into four different sections with four different toppings but for me my favourite pizza will always be Strada’s Pizza Parma!

As if that wasn’t enough from the grill we had a divine pork fillet dish with mashed potato, the Saltimbocca di Maiale and the Orata al Forno - a whole sea bream which comes out like a real fish! It felt very Mediterranean which was nice and the white fish was one of the best we’ve tasted.

By this point we didn’t think we could manage anymore but not one to shy away from dessert - we tried the Bunet Piemontese - similar to Pannacotta - and a light pistachio gelato which was a flavour I wouldn’t normally try but I’d definitely have it again.

Another dessert which I wouldn’t normally choose but which was heavenly was the Affogato - an iced nougat ice cream with a shot of espresso over the top, couldn’t get enough of this delight and can’t wait to have it again.

Can’t wait to go back!

Paolo Barone

I visited the Riverside More London Strada last week with three friends.

First of all the venue is simply spectacular, boasting an amazing view of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge! We were lucky enough to get a table by the window and that alone was worth the visit!

3 of us sampled the Strada tasing menu, and I have to say we really enjoyed it.

For starter we had the Schiacciatella (basically a white pizza with no tomato and no mozzarella) and the Antipasto (mixed italian cured meat and mozzarella), something which is a proper italian tradition and we were definitely not let down by the flavours! Especially the schiacciata which I definitely recommend to anyone going!

Then we moved to the “primi piatti” and we tasted the Strozzapreti Pugliese, which were simply excellent, and the Risotto Zucca. The latter was quite good, although slightly different to what we were used to. The rice was slightly overcooked but apart from that an extremely enjoyable dish.The Quattro Stagioni pizza which followed was also quite good, although not spactacular. Then we had Saltimbocca Maiale (this dish is traditionally made with veal but the pork was cooked perfectly and the flavour was great) and the Orata al Forno (also quite well done).

To end it all we had three desserts, one Affogato, one Bunet Piemontese and one Pistacchio gelato. The first two were simlpy excellent.

All in all it was a great evening, which confirmed my opinion that Strada is definitely the best Italian chain restaurant in London and a place I definitely can recommend to all who want to test good Italian food here!

Steve Chambers

Fantastic meal in wonderful surroundings with views of Tower Bridge, Tower of London and HMS Belfast.

Garlic and Rosemary Bread was a perfect accompaniment to nibble over with a glass of wine to begin. Everyone enjoyed the antipasto sharing platter with mozzarella, tomato and cured meat. With the bread, a perfect portion size for three people.

Strozzapreti Pugliese and Risotto Zucca were both flavoursome dishes made with good, fresh ingredients and executed perfectly. The pasta was also a colourful feast for the eyes. So much the better for the light touch of sauce.

The star of the show was the Orata Al Forno, skillfully deboned at the table. The fish was infused with flavour and the accompanying roast potatoes well chosen.

Pistachio ice cream and mango sorbet are both delicious and refreshing, but the Affogato served with good, strong espresso will be my regular choice in future.

The service was consistently of a very high standard from our waiter and other staff who served us.

Sean Burke

The olives were the best olives I have ever eaten, the bread was ‘possibly’ the best I have ever eaten.

The Antipasto, was a delight to the eye and tasted as good as it looked, all ingredients were of the highest quality and it would be worth a visit just to devour this along with a friend and a glass of Wine.

The Pasta (STROZZAPRETI PUGLIESE) was very nice but could have done with a little kick, maybe some Cayanne Pepper (however, there is Chilli Oil so this can be used to taste).

The Risotto (RISOTTO ZUCCA) was a little bland, I boil Pumpkin with ground Cinnamon before using it in a dish and find it gives it the most wonderful aroma and subtle sweetness. (Maybe worth considering?)

The Pizza (QUATTRO STAGIONI) was beautifully presented and all was enjoyed except the Luganica Sausage which tasted somewhat sour and had to be left.

The Pork fillet (SALTIMBOCCA MAIALE) was beautifully cooked, nice and tender and easily cut, the Beans still crisp and the Mash very creamy. A nice easily eaten dish, however, did lack Panache.

The Sea Bream (ORATA AL FORNO) was gorgeous as always, I have had it several times at Strada. It is usually the Fish of the day. A lovely meaty Fish, well cooked and served with an ideal company of New Potatoes. Very nice indeed.

The Iced Nougat (Affogato) was my favourite of the Deserts, something completey new for me which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The Mouselike dish ( BUNET PIEMONTESE) was fabulous, rich and full of flavour though I think an accompniment of a scoop of Vanilla Icecream would just help to balance the richness.

PISTACHIO GELATO Was not available, or so we were informed.

Overall opinion: A hearty and wholesome menu which was hard to fault.