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Located in the heart of pretty Wimbledon Village, Strada is the perfect place to take a break from shopping in one of the villages many boutiques.

The restaurant has a modern and stylish feel and has 88 seats with two outside tables.


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91 High Street
SW19 5EG

Contact details

Tel: 020 8946 4363

Opening hours

Mon - Thu:
11.30am - 10.00pm
Fri - Sat:
11.30am - 11.00pm
11.30am - 9.30pm

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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Chloe Jessica Bradley

Upon arrival at Strada, Wimbledon Village, my friend and I were immediately, and continually throughout the evening, treated with nothing but first class service. The restaurant itself was immaculate, as were the facilities, and the staff who were all genuinely interested in serving their food and telling us the origins of them, were authentic and attentive without being over-bearing.

After choosing a delicious fruity Falanghina from the expansive wine list, we settled into the window seat looking out upon the high street at Christmas, and started with the Castelvetrano olives, which were as my busy working mum friend said, amongst the freshest fruit she had ever had. Indeed, they were creamy and ripe and lacking in the usual trick of being over covered in oil and seasoning.

This began a run of truly amazing pre-dinner courses, which included a soft and delicately flavoured Schiacciatella Genovese, a doughy garlic flat bread that didn’t take up too much room but was a rather sumptuous warm treat to counter the cold weather outside. Next came a platter of Antipasto which included three different cured meats, a fresh slab of bruschetta, and ripe tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella that, on its own as a late brunch or afternoon snack would have been divine.

It was however, just a prelude to what lay in store, as we were then presented with two steaming bowls from the pasta course. I mainly tucked into the Strozzapreti Pugliese, a gorgeous, real Italian treat that consists of the most unusual and delightfully chewy rope pasta, with spicy Luganica sausage, smoked Pancetta, and broccoli, with red chilli butter & Grana Padano cheese. The combination of the smoky meat with the crisp and refreshing vegetable and the extra oomph from the chilli and grated cheese was like an explosion of all my favourite things ever in my mouth and each bite never failed to make me smile.

My friend meanwhile took a real shine to the other bowl, which was Risotto Zucca, a Pumpkin and butternut squash wet rice dish with crispy Pancetta, soft mouth-watering spinach and pine nuts which lent the whole dish an extra layer, the light oil fried nuts simply bursting with an aftertaste that was long to be forgotten and forever remembered greatly. What was most unusual about this dish is that appealed to my friend, who would never usually order risotto, despite being a fan of all the ingredients. Having tasted it myself, I can honestly say that you really don’t have to already be a fan of something to enjoy it at Strada.

Our next course was Pizza, which as we know is always tasty, but when cooked properly and with fresh ingredients should be the perfect combination of firm but chewable base, ripe and zesty tomato base, and complimentary warm and crunchy toppings. At Strada, this was the case. We received a twelve inch thin crust Quattro Stagioni, which included differently topped slices of Luganica sausage which was like salted beef but was ground finely and had a garlicky kick for those that enjoy that sort of thing, Italian cotto ham which was again, perfectly sliced to a thinner than paper whisp, and just chewy enough, delicious roasted artichoke for Vegetarians sick of the same old ‘three-cheese-pizza’ and chestnut mushrooms, which for either meat eaters or those with herbivorous tendencies was simply mouth wateringly refreshing and would only not appeal to those who have a pre-existing mushroom problem. If indeed you do, I would always check ahead to your local resteraunt before booking, as all of the dishes are freshly cooked whilst you wait, and so can most likely be altered to fit your aversions and other dietary requirements.

For the finale in our extravaganza of savoury delights as I would call them above simply ‘dishes’, we were brought Orata al forno. This was a whole sea bream, pan roasted with lemon & thyme and cooked to a crispy skin which then peeled back to reveal THE single most light, flaky and incredibly moreish fish that I have ever tasted. It actually melted in my mouth, so light and delicate was it. Served with a crisp green salad and sinfully roasted garlic new potatoes, this was a platter that could have been for an intimate couples dinner, a family outing, or as I played it, an enjoyable grown up evening out with a friend.
Finally, too full to possibly try any of the heavier deserts, we chose to share a bowl of the Pistachio ice cream and which are made exclusively for Strada using ‘traditional artisan’ recipes from Marche in central Italy, with Pistachios from Sicily and Hazelnuts from Piemonte. Indeed, all of the ingredients, recipes and traditions of cooking, come straight from Italy, its vast and yet enticing history of food just bursting through every facet of this marvelously attributed restaurant here in the UK.
I would recommend this particular venue to anyone seeking a mealtime of exquisitely cooked traditional Italian food in a calm, organic and friendly atmosphere. Fans of paying for what you get will not be disappointed, and for a treat for those on more of a budget, there are still a world of choices that won’t break the bank but will probably up your expectations when dining out again in the future. My only criticism of Strada, and the food and service that I enjoyed there, is that anything you cook or eat subsequent to your visit will just fall spectacularly below par, unless of course you’re actually the head chef on a night off.
This genuinely was, the BEST dining experience I have ever enjoyed in a high street restaurant, and if you don’t go, you’re honestly missing out on something amazing. Treat your tastebuds for Christmas, take them to Strada in Wimbledon Village, and if you ever pass another branch - pop in and just see if they have what you want. My bet is, they will.

Carla Maloney

We arrived and were greeted by very welcoming waitresses and a waiter. We were offered alternate seating which we chose from. The restaurant felt up scale but warm and inviting. A waiter came over to explain the tasting menu and how it would be served.

We received our starters of olives,an antipasto board with breads.This was soo delicious, it would serve 4 and had meats,breads,tomatoes,olive paste and was really tasty. At each course the waiter explained what it was and the ingrediants used, which was really helpful.

After this we had the butternut squash risotto and chilli pasta. The risotto was beautiful, as was the pasta, but a little too spicy for me. Next was the pizza with four flavours and the pork and mash. The pizza was lovely with really fresh ingrediants. The pork meal was eaten mostly our son who really enjoyed this. Next was the fish dish which was gorgeous.The fish was well cooked with really tasty potatoes, and I loved this one.

The next was the desserts, one of the tasting menu desserts was not available so we had Tiramasu which was gorgeous and creamy, very homemade taste to it.There was also an amaretto dessert, very boozy but which the men liked, which was a torte smoothered in Ameretto. I loved the pistachio icecream, really nice and ended the meal well.

The restaurant was semi busy, but very comfortable and the staff were lovely, attentive but not in your face. We had a lovely evening with beautiful food and a good atmosphere.

Meena Latchman

The new menu sounded tasty so I was really looking forward to trying it. I was impressed with the airy feel to the Wimbledon branch, it looks small from the outside but its like a tardis.

We started with the Castelvetrano olives which are large juicy and lovely green colour, much better than the olives I am used to.
We had this with a platter of Antipasto and Schiacciatella Aglio Flat Bread - all highly recommended together as a starter.

We then had Strozzapreti Pugliese a fabulous dish of handmade pasta with sausage and red chillies (my favourite dish).

The Risotto Zucca was very tasty pancetta, butternut squash & pumpkin rice dish.

We then had the 4 season pizza which was thin and crispy, and a topping for everyone.

The Saltimbocca Maiale was a homely pork wrapped in Parma ham dish served with mash green beans and gravy.

The show stopper was the fish dish, Orata Al Forno - A whole sea bream, pan roasted with lemon & thyme, served with a green salad and roasted new potatoes.

The puddings are lovely a home made pistachio ice cream (my favourite), a affogato - a nougat semi freddo served with a shot of espresso to pour over it, it worked rather well together, and finally a Bunet Piemontese (similar to a panecotte).

Personally I will definitely be going back to try the fish stew which is perfect for these cold months but I will definitely be trying some of these dishes again.