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A few minutes walk from Trinity College in Cambridge, this Strada is a beautifully designed contemporary restaurant and bar with a small terrace for al fresco dining.

The restaurant can seat 116 guests and is conveniently located for pre and post theatre dinners, taking a break from shopping or exploring the cities many sights and attractions.


  • Accessible toilets
  • Free wifi


17 Trinity Street

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Tel: 01223 352 166

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Mon - Thu:
11.30am - 10.00pm
Fri - Sat:
11.30am - 11.00pm
11.30am - 9.30pm

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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Toni Arnott

Possibly one of the BEST dining experiences I have ever had at a chain restaurant. As we had recently travelled to Italy we were looking forward to going to Strada, but slightly sceptical about whether the food would meet the standard that we had experienced on holiday. I have to say that some of the dishes were the yummiest that I have ever had anywhere in the world. The risotto zucca was the best risotto I have ever had anywhere. It was rich, buttery and delicious. My boyfriend had the sea bream and it was the best cooked whole fish he had ever had. The staff were very attentive and friendly and kept an eye on us throughout the night, and we had a free limoncello at the end. I would definitely say that the food was right up there with the food we had eaten in Italy, if not better. If I was to recommend a restaurant in Cambridge Strada would be my first choice. Thanks for an amazing evening.

Jessica Rae

To begin with, the atmosphere and service was impeccable and set the standards high for the rest of the meal.

The olives were fresh and delicious and a great way to start the meal. The garlic flatbread was equally readily accepted, although with a possible caveat of too much garlic if that is possible! The antipasti was gorgeous in presentation and taste, with the freshest tomatoes and tapenade to complement the meats.

Over the main courses, the group was more divided. I loved the risotto, it was creamy and perfect with the vegetables used. It was popular with the whole group and we were fighting over who got the last mouthful! The pork was popular amongst the men, with reports that it was something they usually wouldnt order but was actually an unexpected favourite! The pasta was very disappointing in terms of taste and texture, the meat was a strange texture and didn’t complement the rest of the dish. On the other hand we all loved the fish. It was very fresh and delicate. Moving onto the desserts we had high expectations and they were definitely met. The ice cream was soft and great in the mouth with beautiful flavours. Both desserts were well mixed between soft melt-in-the-mouth and crunchy textures for a great sensation! Overall we had a great meal that was full of unexpected delights!

David Jacques

The Strada reviewer’s menu was a great chance to try some things I might not necessarily have picked from the menu. I’ve been to Strada in Cambridge a few times and I would definitely recommend it to friends. While the restaurant can be found in a quaint street opposite Trinity college, the interior is large and modern without losing a sense of intimacy. When full the restaurant is a little on the noisy side, but not over the top. For the review I took my partner (who is Italian) and my parents, so let’s talk through the various courses.

Castelvetrano Olives, Schiacciatella Genovese and an Antipasto platter
The starter was a hit with the whole family. A brilliant way to set the tone for the rest of the meal. ‘That’s right. I’m in an Italian restaurant.’ I loved the prosciutto and especially the mozzarella. I’ve never been a huge fan of olives, but I found myself munching them down along with the bread. What a shame I had to share with three other people.

Strozzapreti Pugliese
Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to try this dish because ‘the delivery guy didn’t come today’. Instead we were offered a gorgonzola pasta dish. So let’s review that. When I see ‘gorgonzola’ on the menu, I think ‘strong blue cheese flavour’. When we discussed it around the table I think the comment that summed up this dish was ‘If you concentrate really hard you can taste the gorgonzola.’ You shouldn’t have to try to find the hidden gorgonzola, it should announce itself loud and proud. We then entered into a debate about the difference between ‘subtle flavour’ and ‘no flavour’. So I have to say it wasn’t to my taste, a bit watery for what the description promised.

Risotto Zucca
A message to Strada: Cook the rice! I’ve made risotto at home, so I know it’s not the easiest dish to get right. That’s why I don’t make it much - I pay for professionals who work in restaurants to do it. I’m glad I didn’t pay this time. Risotto shouldn’t be crunchy. Uncooked rice aside, we still weren’t that impressed. A bit bland.

Quattro Stagioni
I really enjoyed this pizza. The pizza is divided into four ‘seasons’: mushroom, artichoke, sausage and ham. The sausage ‘season’ was my personal favourite, but was the least favourite of my partner. Oh well. More for me. That’s probably the best thing about this pizza, if you share it - there will be something each person will love.

Saltimbocca Maiale
We all liked the salted pork. I personally would have had difficulty getting through this plate on my own, a bit too big for such a salty dish (...although maybe with the help of a few extra Peroni, it could be done). So I’m glad I had to share it. The mashed potato was amazing. Give me a plate of that any day! There was a nice cheesy flavour in there that was unexpected, but nicely complemented the saltiness of the pork.

Orata al Forno
I’m not much of a fan of fish in general. Most fish taste the same to me. So please check out some of the other reviewers’ comments. But the bream tasted much like any other fish to me. I didn’t really get the sense that the lemon and thyme had added anything to the fish flavour. Roast potato and green salad were very nice.

The delivery guy strikes again. No affogato. Fortunately, a waiter on a previous visit had strongly recommended it, and I can tell you, whatever else you choose, order the affogato!!! Amazing. I can’t describe it. You have to try it for yourself. I’ve never had anything like it before, and it’s the main reason I would go back to Strada. (We had a panna cotta instead. Nice enough, but I was hoping to show off the affogato to the family. Curse you delivery guy!)

Bunet Piemontese
We learned this was the favourite of one of the waiters. We liked it a lot, second favourite to the phantom affogato (I cursed the delivery guy already, right?). One of our group (the biggest chocoholic) was a bit disappointed, but that’s probably because it doesn’t taste strongly of chocolate. There’s a marzipan/almond flavour which is nicely complementary. A good way to end a meal without being too heavy.

Pistachio Gelato
It’s gelato. But pistachio flavoured. Somehow that combination always surprises me with how good it is. Very Italian. Very nice.

Overall we had a very enjoyable evening. We would definitely recommend the starters we tried, and all the desserts were delicious. The mains were a bit hit and miss, but I would have no reservations about going back.

Thank you Strada. Let us know if you need another new menu reviewed.

Amanda Letch

I have been to the Cambridge Restaurant a few times before and have always found the food great and the staff friendly and this visit did not disappoint!

My husband and I invited his sister and partner as we decided even though we love food we wouldn’t be able to eat it all on our own!

The staff greeted us with a smile and took as to our table and explained what would happen, they took our drinks order and soon after the olives arrived.

I am not a great lover of olives but these were the best I have ever tasted, not too salty and the others agreed

Next was a ’platter of Italian flavours’ as quoted on the menu. I personally love platters to pick at, and the Parma ham , Napoli salami and speck ham were very nice, so was the buffalo mozzarella and bruschetta pomodora. The olive Tapenade everyone thought was really lovely! Only thing on the negative side we though the tomatoes were a bit tasteless.

We also had a basket of garlic and Rosmary Flatbread which was delicious

Risotto Zucca

This for me was the star of the show of the main courses! Never really been into Risotto as I find them a bit boring half way through eating them, but with it’s Pumpkin, Butternut squash and Pancetta, spinach and pine nuts I thought the flavours when really well together. Writing this is making want to eat some more!

Strozzapreti Pugliese

Everyone loved this dish, the Luganica Sausage made this pasta dish a bit different.

Quattro Stagioni

We loved this too, it was four pizzas in one and again we though the part with the Luganica sausage was the best. I’m not sure if they do one with just this topping but would be nice if they did.

Saltimbocca Maiale
The pork fillet was very tender and not dry, the mash potato was very creamy, the green beans were just cooked right . All in all this dish is something I would choose on a cold winters night, real comfort food

Orata Al Forno

Everyone though this dish was outstanding!
The fish was bursting with flavour and cooked just right!

Bunet Piemontese

Was a bit disappointed with this dessert as I love chocolate and Amaretto. But it just didn’t work for me it may of been the crushed Amaretti biscults made the texture wrong. The others in the party agreed wit me.

Pistachio Gelato

Lovely icecream, very creamy!


so did everyone else , so i couldn’t eat it all.
The iced semi-freddo ice cream was to die for so creamy and yummy . I don’t usually like coffee in a dessert but it works well with the Espresso poured on top.
Please, please do not ever take this off the menu!

To sum up the food was lovely, the staff were great and we had a lovely time :)

Andrew Smyth

When I was asked to review the food at Strada, I knew it would be good, but not this good. The restaurant is tucked away on Trinity Street in the centre of Cambridge and as soon as we entered we were greeted with a warm and friendly atmosphere. After taking our seats, the meal got off to a flying start with speedy and cheerful service from our delightful waitress Oriana; I enjoyed the exchanges we had and particularly appreciated her wine tasting pointers!

After some olives, we dove straight into the Antipasto, a fresh, unpretentious and well-considered dish. It took us to the garden of Italy – mozzarella, tomatoes and bruschetta make it ideal for sharing – and its presentation on a slate slab really added to the rustic feel. This alongside the Schiacciatella Aglio left my appetite whetted for the ongoing “journey through Italy”.

Next up, the Strozzapreti Pugliese - a bold pasta dish but a bit too bold for my liking; I found the chilli overpowered the other flavours and it felt like a rather unbalanced main. The power of the chilli required a stronger partner to add depth to the dish. On the other hand, the Risotto Zucca was a delight! Al dente risotto rice set off with warm rocket, melt-in-the-mouth squash and toasted pinenuts was a hit for my palate. Full textured and well-seasoned, the array of creamy flavours was lovely. In contrast, although the Quattro Stagioni pizza was tasty in its own right, it was clearly outdone by the other mains on offer. It really felt underwhelming when compared to the finesse of the risotto.

By this stage of the meal I was on my highest belt setting, but boy was I enjoying it!

The pork dish (Saltimbocca Maiale) was memorable with salty pancetta melting into a well-cooked pork loin. If I was splitting hairs, I would say the mash could have benefitted from better seasoning and overall it was a little dry – more sauce please! The next dish that arrived blew me away and was the dish that for me showed a brave and successful commitment to fresh ingredients - the Orata Al Forno. Albeit with a pinch of self-indulgence, I could easily imagine eating this on the shores of the Mediterranean. Succulent, tender fish and a simple yet elegant presentation left me wanting more. It swam off the plate in the best possible sense.

Come pudding time, a fun and interactive Affogato awaited – it was a really nice touch being able to drizzle your own coffee over this classic Italian staple. I found it a joyous combination of sweet vs. strong / hot vs. cold, an aromatic and playful end to a meal – I felt like I was in a sunny Piazza. Our waitresse’s recommendation, the Bunet Piemontese is a chocoholics dream but could be on the rich side for others. I would have appreciated a mellow accompaniment to deal with the richness but the hint of amaretto did add an appreciated kick!

Last, but by no means least, was the Pistachio Gelato, which complemented the strength of the chocolate in the Bunet with a deliciously creamy smoothness. It slid down very easily indeed and was a refreshing palate cleanser at the end of the meal.

Overall, the commitment to detail was evident – there was very little to disappoint and the whole meal was brought together with exceptional service. Strada promised to take us on a “tour through the streets of Italy” and this meal provided us with every bit of the fresh, comforting escapism of this promise.

Jess Hoyle

My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the meal at Strada Cambridge. The staff were accommodating and friendly and the service was of a high standard.

The food served was all of a high quality, the Pork Fillet main dish was a particular favourite between all of us, as was the Butternut Squash Risotto and the antipasto plate. The Sea Bream was cooked perfectly and the Sausage Pasta had just the right amount of chilli. Also all three puddings were delicious and finished the meal off nicely, my favourite was definitely the Pistachio Gelato.

I will definitely be returning to eat it all again!

Lynn Wetton

I went along with my husband and friends and overall my visit to Strada was first class.
The ambiance and attention from the staff, particularly our waitress Magda, was excellent.


Olives where perfectly ripe and very tasty.

Schiacciatella aglio flat bread was well cooked with the right amount of garlic flavour and a good balance of moist and crispy texture. Enjoyed by all.

Antipasto gave a nice variety of flavours, making a good shared starter. The mozzarella was excellent.


Strozzapreti pugliese was the main my husband would be likely to purchase on our next return visit. Well cooked pasta with a lovely kick from the chilli butter.

Risotto zucca was my favourite dish,the combination of flavours just hit the spot for me.
It was perfectly cooked and not too runny or too gloopy.
Orate al forno looked fantastic on the plate. The sea bass was cooked to perfection and fit for a royal banquet. This stood out and should be the most expensive dish on the table.

Saltimbocca maiale was a tasty dish which exceeded expectations based upon presentation. Perhaps the pork should have been cut into strips or on the plate beside the potato to improve appearance. I enjoyed the potato which was very creamy but this was not to everyone’s taste.

Quattro stagioni had a beautiful base but the toppings did not work for me. Individually the four toppings were good, I liked the artichoke but not so keen on the sausage.


I personally do not like chocolate or nut desserts so the pudding reviews are from my husband and friends. Magda kindly gave me a taste of the peach yogurt sorbet which would definitely be my choice of dessert.

Bunet Piedmontese was the least favourite as no one really liked the chocolate moose type dish.

Pistachio gelato was very tasty and enjoyed by everyone. A simple but delightful way to end the meal.

Cioccolato fondente was a good pudding, it had a strong chocolate flavour and a variety of textures.

Carl Lee

Visiting Strada Cambridge on a Monday night was a real treat, particularly on a dark winters evening!

We shared the evening with some friends, enjoying a selection of great Italian flavours and some good quality wines. The ‘Orato al forno’ (sea bream) was certainly the highlight of the meal, a delicious and plentiful dish!

Finishing with the Affogato with the espresso shot was a real treat!

A really great evening!

Leanne Ruggero

The atmosphere in Strada Cambridge on a Saturday night was fun and festive but a bit loud. Everything was clean and well presented. The waitstaff took time to have a laugh amongst themselves and with the customers.
It was quite loud in the restaurant and there were some issues with communication. I was brought the wrong wine (it was very nice anyhow!) and the waitress who ended up serving us didn’t know that our food order had already been put in and kept bringing us menus.

Starter of Olives, Flatbread and Antipasto: The antipasto plate was beautifully arranged and had a range of bright colours on a slate board. The mozzarella and tomato were incredibly fresh and tasty. I loved the olives. The only fault with this course was the flatbread wasn’t quite warm enough but still very more-ish.

It took just over 20 minutes for our next course to come after we had finished the starters. This was a bit of an anxious wait since we’d specifically been told we could only have the table for 2 hours and we had a lot of courses to eat in that time!

Mains: Next came squash risotto and “Strozapretti Pugliese” a pasta with pancetta and broccoli. Given how long it took these dishes to come out I was disappointed the risotto was not cooked through and some grains of rice were crunchy. The sauce was nice but there weren’t many pieces of squash. I was quite disappointed by this dish and felt I could have made a nicer and well-cooked risotto at home.
With the pasta dish though, the sweet pasta sauce balanced perfectly with the saltiness of the pancetta stirred through it and the pasta was cooked perfectly.

Mains of fish “Orata al Forno” and pork “Saltimbocca Maiale” arrived at the same time as pasta and risotto dishes so out little table was crowded with plates. Unfortunately by the time we got to the fish it was getting cold but it was cooked perfectly- moist, fell off the bone with a lovely lemon and herb stuffing and delicate, lemony greens on the side.
My favourite main was the pork which was tender and salty balanced with a sweet, creamy mash. I would definitely order the pork again.

Desert: The Affogato was recommended by the waiter as his favourite and it was amazing – the ice cream was very creamy and it’s exciting to eat this dish while it’s both hot and cold at the same time.
The pistachio gelato didn’t have much flavour. I even tried tasting it after a mouthful of water and mint to clear my palate but it just seemed like vanilla ice-cream.
The Bunet Piemontese was a lovely deep chocolatey flavour but it was too strong to eat the whole thing especially as there was nothing on the side to balance the strong taste.

Cambridge is a town full of chain restaurants where it’s sometimes difficult to find a unique place. But this meal was refreshingly different and the restaurant has a genuinely friendly atmosphere. Given the few hiccups we had I would think twice about going back on a busy Saturday night. But the menu itself was tasty, wonderfully presented and served with a smile. I would return again for the antipasto, pasta, pork and affogato on another night without hesitation.

Daniel Marron

I’ve always loved Strada’s intimate atmosphere and contemporary chic decor, but never have I been more excited to eat here than Wednesday night. This is the first time I have tried ‘proper’ menu reviewing and I was adamant that I would bring a group of friends equally passionate about good food. This, completely unintentionally, ended up taking the form of a double date, in fact, the most memorable one I’ve ever had, fuelled by heated discussions over our food rather than romantic conversation.

The night started off with a serving of ‘fresh’ Castelvetrano olives and true enough, you can genuinely taste the freshness in each bite. They were surprisingly tender and juicy, and the morsels were quickly nibbled away, leaving us eagerly awaiting the next starter. Unfortunately, the Aglio flat bread was disappointing - even with plenty of olive oil and decoration with rosemary, it just lacked flavour. The texture was crisp and had a good chew to it, but a more intense hint of garlic would have made a sensational difference.

The antipasto was much better. It was beautifully presented on a black slate board and there was enough to easily share between the four of us. The colors themselves made a scrumptious feast! All the classics were covered: Parma ham, Napoli salami and speck ham from Trentino. They were very generous with the mozzarella and tomato, and the olive paste was a unique touch that really brought the whole dish alive.

As for the main courses, the highlight of the evening was definitely the Orata Al Forno sea beam. We were all pleasantly surprised (definitely an understatement) to be greeted with an entire fish on a plate, cooked to perfection. It was seasoned spot-on with tangy lemon and accompanied by hearty roast potatoes and fine green beans. A heavenly combination! The flesh was moist and luxurious - I highly recommend this dish to anyone who enjoys some good seafood! Completely drool-worthy.

The Risotto Zucca was mild, fluffy and sweet, unlike the more traditional heartier sort. There were decent chunks of butternut squash and pancetta, which really added to each mouthful. The subtle fragrance of pine nut also really gave it that extra kick. While the rest of us found it to be more on the mellow side, it completely won over my girlfriend’s heart for being so delicate. She couldn’t stop raving on about it even after we left the restaurant - a must-try for those who love to eat light.

The Strozzapreti Pugliese pasta had an interesting cut that none of us have ever encountered, but was slightly dry and would have benefitted from a sauce. That being said, it still had great flavor (the chili was fierce, but not too fierce) and comes in a tummy-patting portion size. I must say though, that the Quattro Stagioni pizza was honestly quite appalling - the quality base was somewhat undermined by its toppings, which were scarce and tasted cheap. It was definitely below average for a high-end italian restaurant and we were less than impressed.

Finally, the new desserts were all, like their older friends on the menu, immensely satisfying. The pistachio gelato was more milky than nutty, but decadent nonetheless. We had doubts about the Bunet Piemontese (a sort of chocolate panna cotta), which didn’t look too perky, but its taste more than made up for its presentation. It had a really overwhelming amoretto punch, guaranteed to impress all fans of the liqueur. However, the winner had to be the Affogato - the combination of hot and cold, melt-in-your-mouth creaminess and oomph of roasted nut really made for a delightful end to the evening.

Ed Bonnett

To start the olives were very good and tasty nice and round and big. I’m not a olive lover but these where different. The Schiacciatella Aglio Flat bread was amazing - brilliantly done garlic bread that was enjoyed even by those that didnt like Garlic bread. Antipasto a lovely range of flavours. Meats were fresh and different in flavour to each other. Mozzarella did exactly what it should and married the meats well.

Mains - First thing on Mains - 3 out of 5 were WOW - Strozzapreti Pugliese was the best dish being honest - not very exciting little too spicy for some but just a little boring and was left with food on.

Risotto Zucca - a lot of this was left it wasnt liked by 4 of us. Too stoogey - more like semolina than Risotto.

Quattro Stagioni - Good pizza dish especially to share as something for everyone on it. Base was good, Bread was thin and crisp was very much enjoyed - good flavours and range.

Saltimbocca Maiale - Pork Fillet was to die for - sooooo goood. meat was done to perfection, the mash and green beans were also done to a high standard and all complimented each other very well. The dish was not around for long.

Orata Al Forno - WOW!! if this is presented as it was to us on a bed of greens, well cooked whole fish - the people that eat it will be in for a treat… Absolutely amazing. Fish fell off the bone and was so tasty and white.. great great plate!!

To Finish - The Affogato was definitely the favourite dessert with the lest favourite being Bunet Piemontese where it was felt it was too much like a chocolate spread.

To add and to finish - the waiting staff were absolutely brilliant with their attention to detail and the way they explained the food and what we were about to eat.

Thank you


Strada in Cambridge, where I had lunch with two other people from my family, doesn’t really need a good review to increase its popularity. By the time we left it was almost full, but apparently that was a quiet day!
To be this successful in a city in Cambridge, where there’s no shortage of good places to eat, must mean that they’re doing something right, and the reason has to be the quality of the food and the friendly service.

Between the three of us, we tried every dish from the new menu, and have to say that we were not disappointed by anything.

The starter was a lovely plate of antipasto, nicely served on what looked like a large piece of black slate – very elegant! The antipasto was accompanied by garlic and rosemary flatbread, ample to share between all of us. Fantastic.

We thought we wouldn’t have room for a main course, let alone a dessert after that, but we valiantly and dutifully tried all five main courses! In particular we liked the pork fillet (saltimbocca maiale), which was served with a very nice sage butter sauce, and was beautifully cooked. In second place came the bream (orata al forno), closely followed by the pizza quattro stagioni (generous portions again!) The risotto and pasta were also very nice, but the risotto could have been a little hotter.

Would we have room for dessert? Well, yes, we couldn’t turn that down, and had a portion of everything on the menu. My favourite was the bunet piemontese. Which was like a rich and creamy chcolate pannacotta, but my co-diners liked the affogato (iced nougat semi-freddo ice cream), as well as the pistachio gelato. The affogato was served with a little shot of coffee which you pour over it: fantastic again!

And, apart from coffee, that was that. Of course I should mention our waitress, Amalia, who looked after us very well.

If I could afford it, I’d have it all over again. Unfortunately Strada is a little beyond my price range, but I am sure that the reason for the prices is the quality of the ingredients used, and, at Cambridge Strada, it works!

Denise Sansum

Friendly, helpful staff and great food.

Would recommend for Saltimbocca Maiale for main and Bunet Piemontese for dessert.

Absolutely delicious.

Look forward to our next visit.