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Strada is located on the Canal side of this very fashionable and trendy Gunwharf Quays shopping destination in Portsmouth harbour.

This restaurant is perfect for taking a break from shopping or visiting the many attractions the harbour has to offer. There's plenty of outside seating and a bar area for pre dinner drinks.


  • Outside seats
  • Free wifi


Gunwharf Quays
Portsmouth Harbour

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Tel: 0239 281 7278

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Mon - Thu:
10.30am - 10.00pm
Fri - Sat:
10.30am - 11.00pm
10.30am - 9.30pm

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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Alberto Billato

I booked my table for 2 people at the Gunwharf restaurant and I shared the experience with my lady.

We were both quite hungry (me in particular), so we ordered the entire menu and a couple of Peroni.

We started with a mix of Antipasti: Olives, Schiacciatella all’aglio and a mix of ham, salami, mozzarella and tomatoes. Top quality ingredients and a nice preparation of the plate.
Mark: 9.

As far as mains are concerced, I have to raise a complaint. A restaurant that claims to be italian should know that pasta ( strozzapreti) and risotto ( Risotto Zucca) should be served before the meat/fish dishes. The guys at Strada probably adapted too much the concept to the UK market and so they served us Strozzapreti alla pugliese, Risotto di Zucca, Pizza 4 stagioni, Saltinbocca Maiale and Orata al Forno all together. We ended up eating a almost frozen pizza.

Strozzapreti were good, good quality ingredients and pasta was cooked nicely.

Risotto alla Zucca is not cooked in an italian way at all. Rice was overcooked and Bacon doesn’t cope well with the other ingredients.

Saltimbocca di Maiale were good, cooked nicely.

Orata al forno was good overall, if I need to complain I’d suggest to use a bigger plate as there is no enough room to clean the fish. By the way, the fish was cooked nicely and so were the vegetables.

Pizza 4 stagioni looked good, but when we started to eat it it was cold, so I’ve just tasted it. Shame it was cold as I think the pizza is a good reason to visit Strada again.

And then, we still had some room for a sweet ending.. the staff brought us: Affogato, Bunet Piemontese and Pistacchio Ice Cream ( a typo in the menu, as Pistacchio has double “c”).

All 3 desserts were super, it’s difficult to choose the best one.

Overall, the staff was nice and kind with us, even if they didn’t understand that you can’t bring 5 mains at the same time at a table with just 2 people.
The ingredients of all dishes are top quality and it’s difficult to find this high standard at these prices.

I wouldn’t recommend to eat the risotto, but all other dishes were not making me miss the italian cousin at all.

Thanks Strada for letting me win the competition and I’ll visit you again to eat a good pizza!

Tom Southerden

I recently ate at Strada for the first time with a couple of friends recently, sampling all they had to offer on the sample menu.

Initially we were presented with a plate of huge Castelvetrano olives, the freshest I’d ever had, delicious antipasto of tasty cold meats, juicy tomatoes and lovely mozzarella accompanied by some garlic and rosemary flat bread which, without doing a disservice to the rest of the food, was definitely a highlight of the meal.

When the main meals came I tried a bit of everything but one dish; the Strozzapreti Pugliese was a standout winner for me. It was absolutely fantastic and quite unlike any other pasta dish I’ve encountered. The bream was cooked well, but was a little plain for my tastes, as was the Saltimbocca Mailale pork stake. Whilst both dishes were very inoffensive they wouldn’t be dishes that I’d select from a full menu. The risotto was a lovely consistency and had a nice balance of flavours and textures and the Quattro Stagioni delivered an interesting variety of toppings.

All off the deserts where fantastic; my favourite was the Affogato which left me craving me more of their lovely coffee whilst delivering a nice light dish which was well received after already consuming so much food.

All in all, the food was all great, but some was superb, the service was fantastic and the atmosphere in the restaurant was lovely. It was a great meal and definitely will not be the last time I eat here.

John Venables

Strada has always been my restaurant of choice for traditional style Italian cuisine. My wife and I enjoy dining there so much, we even had our wedding reception at the Gunwharf Quays branch!!

So, when the opportunity came to review the new winter menu, we leapt at the chance.

We were certain that the service and hospitality would be at their usual high standard, and although we didn’t bring our son, I know that staff will bend over backwards to accomodate and entertain children when they dine there - my only worry was what other people would think when they saw how much food there was in front of my wife and I!!

Olives and the Schiacciatella aglio (garlic and rosemary bread) are always a good way to start proceedings, and the antipast that followed served on a slate equally delicious.

We then underwent a sensory bombardment of pasta, risotto, pizza and 2 mains, Saltimbocca Maiale (pork wrapped in parma ham with mash and beans) and Orata al Forno (baked sea bream with roasted potatoes and salad.)

One thing that surprised me was that I wasn’t too keen on was one of the toppings in the Quattro Stagioni pizza - Luganica sausage. It is quite oily, however, this ingredient enhanced the highlight of the evening - the pasta dish Strozzapreti Pugliese, a perfect blend of finely textured pasta, broccoli, seasoning and heat from the chilli. I’m sure to be ordering this one again!!

Aside from my one slight issue with the pizza, all of the pasta/risotto/mains I would not hesitate to order again.

Following on from this we had a trio of desserts - the Bunet Piemontese (a sort of chocolate pannacotta) that was good, but I’ve never been a massive fan of chocolate desserts, Pistachio Gelato, which was really good as so many pistachio Ice-creams done badly can taste simply of marzipan - none of that here!! The real discovery was the Affogato - a nougat and frozen cream semi-freddo accompanied with a shot of espresso to pour over it. This was a taste revelation - pallet cleansing and refreshing - I’ll be sure to order this one again too!!

Of all the restaurants in Gunwharf, and I have tried most of them, you will not find one more friendly and attentive, or with as relaxed an atmosphere as Strada - Along with the new winter menu, Strada have done everything in their power to ensure we’ll be coming back to dine, time and again!!

Beryl Kew

I sampled the new Strada menu with my son last week. I have been to Strada several times in various locations and have never been disappointed in either the food or service.

My son doesn’t like olives, however these Castelvetrano ones were delicious - they had a lovely flavour, texture and appearance. Also the portion size was good.
The garlic & rosemary flatbread was OK (we personally would prefer normal bread to the flat). It was a little bit too crispy and not “garlicky” enough for us. We also found it went cold quite quickly. Of course, other reviewers may prefer this to normal bread - it’s a personal preference.
We both love antipasto platters so enjoyed sampling this dish. We thought all the flavours complemented each other, maybe with the exception of the olive tapenade which had a strong taste and didn’t add anything special to the dish. The items were served at the correct temperature for the individual flavours to have developed and we particularly liked the firm mozzarella, chopped tomatoes and the very tasty toasted wholemeal bread. All the meats were received well by us too.

I think the Strozzapreti Pugliese was our favourite dish of the evening - we loved the pasta shape and texture. The Luganica sausage was particularly tasty with a nice strong flavour and the broccoli was a good attractive addition, both taste and appearance wise. We didn’t feel as though it was necessary to garnish the dish with the quite large pieces of red chilli (it was tasty enough as it was).
The Risotto Zucca was cooked very nicely - the texture was not too sticky and stayed consistent while eating (ie. it didn’t develop into a stodgier dish). Again the flavours worked together and we liked the addition of pine nuts. I presume if a vegetarian was to order this, the pancetta would be omitted.
The Quattro Stagioni had a good array of toppings and it was it great to have more of the Luganica sausage that we loved ! The artichokes were particularly delicious. A great idea to have four pizzas in one - a good one for sharing !
Unfortunately, this particular Strada did not have the pork fillet dish or the sea bream so they kindly substituted with two from the usual menu: (1) chicken & mushrooms which was fine and (2) sea bass with pesto mash that was really tasty and the fish was cooked just right.
It was a shame we couldn’t review the two other main course dishes.

Onto desserts: our favourite was the Pistachio ice-cream - really delicious with a smooth texture, great pistachio flavour - a sprinkling of pistachios on top would have made it even better!
The Bunet Piemontese had a texture and taste that we found difficult to determine. Saying that we kept wanting to eat more because it confused our senses a bit and was strangely moreish. I think we need to try it again !!
The Affogato was lovely until we poured the hot espresso over it! We eat some of it before, as my son does not like coffee. Unfortunately, once the coffee was over the dessert it turned into a bit of a messy sludge, Personally, if I had it again, which I would, I’d keep the two separate because the nougat semi-freddo was really delicious and so was the coffee (but we felt not mixed together).

Thank you Strada for giving us the opportunity to review your new menu. We really enjoyed the experience and hope our feedback helps you and your customers.

Elisabeth Abel

We came to Strada at Gunwharf Quays to sample your menu. I bought along my sister, boyfriend and 6 year old son.

We all really enjoyed trying things that we wouldn’t normally choose and my son who is quite a fussy eater found plenty of things he liked, his favourites being the garlic and rosemary flat bread to start. He then went on to enjoy the lovely tender pork fillet with fantastically creamy/buttery mash potato and crisp green beans. I personally enjoyed the delicious antipasto which all four of us shared for a starter.

There was plenty there for us all and was simply scrumptious. I tried all of the mains on offer my favourite being the sea bream which was cooked to perfection along with the roasted new potatoes. The sea bream was also was my sisters favourite. My boyfriend tucked into the hand twisted pasta with spicy sausage, pancetta and broccoli. The waitress grating the fresh Grana Padano on the pasta was wonderful. We all agreed that although the risotto was cooked to perfection, pumpkin and butternut squash are quite bland and felt it needed something else for flavour!

The desserts were fabulous. We didn’t get to see much of the pistachio ice cream because my son polished that off within seconds, but what I did taste was a lovely refreshing and light ice cream. The chocolate pannacotta was to die for, deliciously rich chocolate and the amaretti biscuits and liqueur complemented it very nicely. My boyfriend tucked into the iced nougat with a shot of fresh espresso to pour over the top and told me it was the best (he loves coffee)! We also went home with half a pizza in a box that we just couldn’t eat, great being able to get it boxed up to take home. Thank you for letting us sample your menu. The food and service was excellent. My son looked to me and said on the way home “mummy I would really like to go there again it was yummy”. We all agreed and we will be back soon to try some more!!

Rebecca Murkin

Upon hearing the exciting news that I had been chosen to be a Strada Food Reviewer, I quickly recruited a willing group of friends to accompany me. The reservation for the time and date which suited us was made with ease and on further inspection of the reviewer’s menu; we knew our taste buds would be in for a treat.

As a vegetarian I was pleased to see that items on the menu were clearly marked if they were suitable for vegetarians. Of the 11 dishes available to try, 5 were suitable for vegetarians (2 starters and 3 desserts). Unfortunately, none of the main dishes were suitable for vegetarians which left an interesting question in mind as to how Strada would deal with my dining experience…

Our reservation day arrived and we were greeted pleasantly at the restaurant by Russell and then shown to our table where drinks orders were taken promptly. Shortly after advising Russell that we would like to try every course on the reviewer’s menu, our taste buds began their journey to Italy while we relaxed in style surrounded by a peaceful ambiance and subtle lighting. Russell pulled off an authentic sounding Italian accent when pronouncing the names of the dishes adding to our Italian experience.

First were the Olives, fresh from Sicily. The vibrant green and generous size of these olives served well to whet our appetites while the rest of our dishes were being prepared.

Schiacciatella Aglio Flat Bread fresh and warm arrived in a basket alongside the Antipasto delightfully presented on a slate board. The flat bread had the perfect balance of garlic and rosemary and was seasoned well with salt. Some might find the saltiness overpowering, however we all agreed that we enjoyed it. There was something for everyone on the Antipasto platter ranging from succulent hams and salami to juicy vine ripened tomatoes and mouth watering mozzarella. The combination of flavours created plenty of conversation while we each recommended different combinations of the elements for each other to try.

Continuing on our Italian journey, my afore mentioned question with respect to the mains was answered and my worrying over! The food is freshly prepared meaning that I could order the Risotto Zucca without the pancetta making it suitable for vegetarians! Creamy and crunchy textures all in one dish made it a winner! If you like a bit of a spicy kick, then the Strozzapreti Pugliese is the dish for you. The broccoli and red chilli gave a splash of colour to make it appealing to the eye as well as the taste buds. Saltimbocca Maiale delivered creamy mashed potatoes, melt in the mouth pork and a very buttery sage sauce. Added crunch was supplied by the crispy Parma ham and al dente green beans. A whole sea bream was served up in the Orata al Forno dish. The fish was so delicate it fell away from the bone and was accompanied perfectly with fluffy and crisp roasted new potatoes. The fact that it was pan roasted with lemon and thyme created a taste explosion and crispy skin. The last main on the menu was the Quattro Stagioni – a traditional Italian pizza which really was four fabulous pizzas in one. The highlight for me was the roasted artichoke.

We ended our Italian journey with Affogato, Bunet Piemontese and Pistachio Gelato. The traditional artisan recipe of the gelato has certainly paid off giving a genuine pistachio colour and flavour. Bunet Piemontese offered a rich chocolately pannacotta style dessert with a splash of amaretto and sprinkling of Amaretti biscuits for good measure! Our favourite was the Affogato – iced nougat semi-freddo ice cream with a shot of hot espresso – a creamy, crunchy, hot and cold taste sensation to end our experience on a high.

Thank you to Strada for whisking us away from the hum drum of ordinary life to the midst of Italy for a few hours - we can’t wait to visit again! A special thanks to Russell for delivering impeccable customer service from the moment we walked through the door.

Simon Chivers

The reservation was easy, I booked a table for 4 and explained that I had a voucher for the tasting menu, I was referred to the manager who said that she looked forward to seeing us.

On arrival we were shown to a table upstairs and our waitress was Amelia.

I explained to her that we had the tasting menu voucher, and showed it to her, she then told someone else who told someone else.

In the mean time we ordered drinks and she brought out the olives and the flat bread.

The green olives were wholesome and plump, the rosemary flat bread was tasty though a little salty.

The waitress said that I could choose a main, off of the tasting menu, but I pointed out the it said every dish, it was a shame that the tasting menu voucher was not shown too all members of staff.

Next we had the antipasto which was very nice and fresh. The tomatoes were so ripe and juicy.

Next we had the pizza and the 4 mains. The pasta was very feisty with a huge chilli kick, the risotto was very creamy, the pork and the mash was apparently to die for! And the fresh fish was nicely cooked and flavoursome.

The puddings were sweet and just the right size.

The food was delicious and the drinks were satisfactory. The staff were attentive, but once the bill was asked for, the service was a little slow. On the whole the evening was very enjoyable.

Tricia Acheson

Think style, think succulence, think special occasion - that for me was Strada.
The busy restaurant in Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth served up a memorable meal for my partner and I.
On arrival, we were immediately struck by the friendly atmosphere in this lively restaurant that happily caters for both large parties and intimate diners.
And the food proved excellent, from the mixed antipasto starter served stylishly on a cool slab of slate through to the excellent main meals.
My pasta was perfectly al dente and my partner’s sea bream was succulent and well seasoned with beautiful crisp skin, the beautiful presentation of both meals added to our enjoyment of the food.
We had been informed by our friendly and helpful waitress Eliza that ordering the fish would mean a wait of 20 to 25 minutes.
Rather than seeing this as a problem we were pleased to know that the dishes would be freshly cooked and their quality made the wait more than worthwhile.
After finishing our meal with bunet piemontese - a mouthwatering desert of a chocolate custard flavoured with amaretto - we felt truly replete.
Our only criticism could be that not all the waiting staff seemed quite as familiar with the menu as Eliza and our garlic bread, that should have been served with the olives at the start was a little delayed.
This was soon picked up by Eliza and didn’t spoil our meal at all.
I must admit that in the past I have been a little dubious about chain restaurants and avoided them, believing the quality and service would not be great. So far as Strada is concerned, my first visit has completely changed my mind.
In value for money terms, I couldn’t have asked for a better meal or better service than that which I received at Strada.

Dawn Aylward-Wilson

We were greeted/looked after by the lovely Eliza who was attentive, informative and ready to offer recommendations on our taster menu.

All the food was beautifully presented and we had a good selection to choice from. We started by trying the olives, schiacciatella flat bread & antipasto.

The antipasto was beautifully laid out on a slate plate with an earthy, rich tapenade which complimented the various meats, good creamy buffalo mozzarella and sweet diced plum tomatoes ribboned with basil. The olives had a nice balance of a sweet, mild taste with salty undertones .The freshly made flatbreads were studded with rosemary and had just the right amount of garlic.

We followed with Strozzapreti Pugliese, Risotto Zucca and Orata al forno. The strozzapreti showed what could be achieved with a few good ingredients, the pasta and brocolli had the right amount of bite, the sausage was flavoursome and chilli finished the dish with a lovely kick. We both enjoyed the risotto which didnt need any additional cheese as it was dreamy, creamy and really warming on an winters eve without being heavy. We particulary enjoyed the pumpkin and spinach running through it but felt it didnt really need the rocket but for me the show stopper was the fish.
It was beautifully moist, had been stuffed with thyme,lemon and the fish was delicately favoured with the herbs. It is so easy to overcook fish, which is why this dish was something special. The salad of fine beans, cucumber and spinach had a nice dressing and if i had to pick holes the only slight downside were the potatoes which could have been crisper.

Finally we moved onto the deserts where we tried the affogato, bunet piemontese and pistachio gelato. I dont have a sweet tooth but my parter does and loved polishing off all three. I really enjoyed the affogato it was light, silky, soft, marshmallowey and topped with sugary nuts which added another level of texture. The hot espresso poured over the top was a welcome contrast with its bitter twang.The bunet piemontese was rich, chocolaty and smooth with hazelnuts but the presentation was a bit haphazard with biscuit crumbs and liqueur that were smeared on one side of plate. To sum up the gelato all I can say is I thought i’d have to wrestle the spoon from my partner to stand a look in. He was silent throughtout this dish (always a welcome treat lol) and once he had finished he just gave me a big grin.

We both had a lovely meal, complimented by the staff, enjoyed listening to other diners discussing their meal alongside making contented noises and all their dishes looked appertising. We will definately be coming back and would recommend to friends and family alike


Fanastic New Menu and great service from “Luca” at Strada Gunwharf Quays

Sampled 3 new starters Olives, Flat Bread and Antipasto, the olives were really meaty, think I got one my husband ate them all !!! Then 5 main courses….Strozzapreti Pugliese was too hot for me but just right for my husband, I loved the Risotto Zucca, excellent for veggies, Saltimbocca Mailale was delicious, although not too keen on the mash, the quattro Stagioni Pizza was good a nice selection, something for everyones taste. But the Orata Al Forna was the best!! The fish was beautifully cooked and tasted perfect, would definately order that next time.
Well as for the Desserts all 3 of them Fabulous !!! Luca our waiter recommended Frangelico licquer to go over the Pistachio Gelato and it really worked, the Bunet Piedmontese was delicious and creamy, and the Affogato was my favourite a great mix of tastes, with my fav coffee.

A great evening Thank You Strada !!!

Fiona King

Fabulously tasty antipasto - an excellent start to the meal.

The main course was one of the best I have tasted - melt in the mouth Orata al forno, whereas the full bodied Saltimbocca Maiale greatly impressed my guest who isn’t even a regular meat eater!.

The desserts could have been bigger but then I do have an insatiable sweet tooth.

The bunet piemontese is one to savour, it was a delightful way to end.

Simon Mann

Todays visit was very good - I really enjoyed well cooked dishes.

The sea bream was cooked perfectly, and the size was very good. This was the best dish.

You have the best rosemary bread too.

Loved the iced nougat, simply the best pudding around.

We enjoyed the tasting menu very much.

Celina Brizee

The tasting menu looked very promising on paper.

I really enjoyed the antipasto, fresh green olives and the hand stretched rosemary bread- the best in town.

However, the main dishes were quite underseasoned and lacking acidity in both the risotto and sea bass dish, rendering them, dull, heavy and bland in taste.

Two dishes were unavailable on the Sunday we arrived (the sea bream and affogato), which I was really looking forward to.

The pistachio ice cream was a big hit with everyone and finished the meal off nicely.

Overall it was a good meal, but could have been made better with seasoning and full menu availability.

Senay Krasniqi

Absolutely delicious food.
Friendly and warm welcoming staff.
I loved it.
I highly recommend to everybody to go and try the most amazing food at Strada…Lovely

Carol Dixon

Strada is my favourite Italian restaurant, so when I was chosen to be a reviewer I couldn’t wait to book our table. We booked an early evening (5pm) slot on a Saturday. at the Portsmouth Gunwharf Quays restaurant. We were greeted as soon as we arrived and seated quickly and efficiently

I was ably assisted by my husband and my son, 18 and daughter, 17. The menu unfortunately didn’t include a vegetarian option for main course, so we had to order an additional main meal for my daughter. In fact the main menu had few main dishes marked with (v).

Back to the reviewers tasting menu - what a treat! We started with olives and the rosemary and garlic flatbread, which were tasty though the flat bread could have done with a little less salt. Next was the Antipasto - a beautifully presented platter of quality meats, buffalo mozzarella, olive tapenade and bruschetta pomodoro.

Main courses followed. I first tried the Satlimbocca Mauale - pork fillet with parma ham, mashed potato and green beans. The pork was beautifully tender, the mash creamy and the green beans perfectly al dente. The crisp parma ham set this dish off perfectly, along with the delightful sage butter sauce. The Orata Al Forno (whole sea bream) was sweet and flavoursome, having been pan roasted with lemon and thyme. The crisp rosemary potatoes were heavenly, and the green salad was the perfect companion. Stozzapreti Pugliese was next - pasta, Luganica sausage, pancetta and broccoli with a chilli butter with just the right amount of kick and Grana Padano cheese. Next, the Risotto Zucca - creamy risotto, crisp pancetta, weet pumpkin, spinach and pine nuts. A flavoursome dish and my favourite main course by a nose! The Pizza was lacklustre, but then our tastebuds had been somewhat spoilt by the aforementiond dishes. My favourite quarter was the artichoke, but the other quarters were disappointing.

Desserts were next - what a treat!

The Affogato was completely creamy nutty, coffee deliciousness - this is my ultimate favourite Strada dessert and it didn’t disappoint! The Bunet Piemontese was a soft, creamy, extremely chocolatey set custard topped off with crispy amaretto biscuits and amaretto liquer - stunning! Pistachio Gelato was tasty and creamy and the perfect way to round off a delightful meal.