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Your local Strada has had a makeover!

We’re famous for our freshly made Italian food, and now we’re freshening up our interior with a contemporary new look, to match!

Strada is located in Leopold Square, which was formerly the site of a school, and the attractive architecture can still be admired whilst dining in the al fresco area.

The restaurant is located just a few minutes walk from the theatres and other main attractions and has an open plan dining area with a bar to allow guests to enjoy a drink before dining.


  • Outside seats
  • Free wifi


6 Leopold Square
Leopold Street
S1 2JG

Contact details

Tel: 0114 279 5948

Opening hours

Mon - Sat:
11.30am - 11.00pm
11.30am - 9.30pm

Free O2 Wifi available at this location
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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Rachael Ewen

We ate at strada last night after the big refurb - the place looked great and had a really good atmosphere! We were given a warm welcome by manager Jack and enjoyed a drink in the bar area before heading over to our table. The food was delicious - I ordered the crispy squid for starter and steak for main course, bith were cooked to perfection and I would highly recommend! Our two waitors Sanj and Reece were also brilliant throughout the night, really friendly guys with great service.
We really enjoyed the whole night and will be back again soon!

Robert Ewen

The wife and i went to the sheffield restaurant last night (27th feb) and had a wonderful time. The new decor is fantastic, the place had a lovely modern feel to it. When we entered we were greeted by the manager Jack who welcomed us and thanked us for coming, this was a great start to our experience. Our two waiters were fantastic and very helpful when it came to choosing our meal. Thanks Reece and Sanj. The food was fantastic to go with the great atmosphere and great staff. We look forward to going back thanks to Jack and the staff who enabled us to have a fantasic evening.

Danny Hodge

Reece and Sanj were great waiters and very attentive and the food was amazing. I shall see you again soon strada

Esther Godwin

What a superb night at strada. The staff were superb - very attentive but not too fussy.

We all enjoyed the mixed starter selection. Our main courses were fantastic, the pizza was lovely too.

A superb evening. Delicious food and a relaxed atmosphere.

Kimberley Kay

As soon as my guests and I entered the restaurant, the atmosphere was wonderful. We did have to wait at least 10 minutes for anyone to approach us but we could tell it was a busy night. When we were finally seated the waiter asked to take our coats. I thought this was great as I have never experienced this type of quality before.



The Olives were perfect and delicious, most of my guests didn’t actually like the saltiness but being a great fan of olives myself, I loved them.

Schiacciatella Aglio Flat Bread:

The flat bread tasted fine, but I always find too much bread as a starter tends to ruin the rest of my meal.


This was the best started without a doubt. Personally I could have a larger portion and ate is as my main meal. All the cured meats were delicious with their own special intense flavour. They all went perfectly with the Mozzarella which was delicious on its own. The vine-ripened tomatoes and bruschetta were also very tasty and I would recommend this starter to anyone who loves Italian.


Strozzapreti Pugliese:

This was the pasta dish. It was very good but had a spicy kick from the sausage. I don’t really like spicy food but my guests all enjoyed it.

Risotto Zucca:

This must have been one of my favourites and I will definitely be ordering again. The pumpkin and butternut squash were cooked to perfection and had so much flavour. However my guests did find that the pancetta was a little overdone giving the dish an overwhelming flavour.

Quattro Stagioni:

This was the four pizzas in one. The pizza base itself was soft and beautiful. I’ve never had a pizza dough as good as this one. We did find that the tomato sauce used was very strong but the other flavours did go very well with it. In particular, the mushrooms and the ham were among the favourites of my guests. None of my guests including myself liked the artichoke, but it was very fresh. Again I felt the sausage was a little too spicy.

Saltimbocca Maiale:

The pork fillet was definitely the best dish of the night. The pork was so juicy and succulent that we did not want to share it. The mashed potato and green beans were cooked to perfection, the whole dish was excellent. All my guests said they would definitely order this dish again on more than one occasion.

Orata Al Forno:

This whole sea bream, again was cooked to perfection, the meat fell straight off the bones and was full of delicious flavour. I know so many fish lovers that I would recomend this dish to.

Desserts: Affogato

This was the iced-nougat semi-freddo ice cream with a shot of hot espresso. We did pour the espresso over the ice cream but later wished we hadn’t as it was very strong and I felt that the flavour of the ice cream was lost.

Bunet Piemontese:

This was my guests favourite desert; personally I couldn’t taste the amaretto liqueur at all and found the whole dish quite sickly. My guests however cleared the plate and would recommend this dessert to anyone.

Pistachio Gelato:

This was my favourite desert, a pistachio ice cream. It was so cold and refreshing that I thought it was the perfect end to a meal. It took us a while to eat because it was so cold but the ice cream didn’t melt that fast which I thought was great as I am not a fan of melted runny ice cream.

Overall, the experience I had at Strada Sheffield was amazing. I have been before and my guests had not. They said they would all be returning soon with others to share this great experience. I cannot wait to go back and would recommend this fine Italian restaurant to anyone with a love of flavour and quality.

Karen Roscoe

Well, what a cracking meal! We were warmly greeted on what was a hideously rainy night and seated straight away… hanging around!
The restaurant was packed all evening so had a great buzz about it - but didn’t affect the service, which was really great.

The olives were huge and juicy and the rosemary/garlic bread was very tasty. We thought the antipasti platter was really enjoyable too - with a good mix.

Mains :-
The Strazzopreti Pugliese was yummy - good strong flavour but not at all over-powering.
The Saltimboca Maiale was juicy and the mash was very moreish!
The fish dish (Orata al Forno) - ooo! This was wonderfully juicy and very well cooked…..the saute potatoes were really good too.
My favourite was the Risotto Zucca - the combination of butternut squash, pine nuts and the smokey/salty bacon made it a totally rounded dish. The only thing I would say was the rice was just a little overdone…......but it was soooo tasty, we didn’t mind!
The vegetarian in our party had the cContadina pizzal to himself and he thoroughly enjoyed it…...he ate the lot!

Affogato - oh boy, hot espresso over the cool creamy pud….totally delicious.
Bunet Piemontese - a choclatey/amaretto mousse which was also totally divine!
Pistachio Gelato - the texture of this was truly amazing but we thought it lacked any real pistachio flavour….though that didn’t actually stop us enjoying it!

Drinks and coffees were as good as expected too. So, all in all, it was a really enjoyable occasion - food/drinks/atmosphere didn’t fail to please…...and all provided with a very big smile by the waitress who was there when needed, able to explain dishes and was a credit to Strada!

lindsay allsop-finner

I visited Strada with my partner and 2 friends, my 2 friends not having been to Strada before. As a result of our visit my 2 friends can’t wait to go back again!! Strada is mine and my partners favourite chain restaurant - for a chain restaurant it exceeds itself in turning out consistently, good and seemingly home cooked food.

For starters there were

(Large green Castelvetrano olives, fresh from Sicily),

(A basket of hand stretched garlic and rosemary flat bread)

(A platter of Italian flavours: Parma ham, Napoli salami, speck ham from Trentino, buffalo mozzarella from Campania, vineripened
tomatoes, olive tapenade and bruschetta pomodoro).

The olives were fab - different than i’ve had there before - big and bright green and looked like they’d just been picked off the tree! The platter was great but I think a bit overpriced for how much you get (think its nearly a tenner) also it was missing a basil leaf or two with the tomatoes. The rosemary garlic bread was different than I’m used to as I’ve had it a few times an its usually small leaves off the rosemary baked on the bread but for some reason it was different last night and was fresh bunches put on top - too strong to eat and seemed a bit wrong picking it off - having said that the bread itself was lovely.

For mains there was

(A classic dish from Puglia. Traditional hand twisted Strozzapreti pasta, Luganica sausage, pancetta, and broccoli, with red chilli butter & Grana Padano cheese)

(Pumpkin, butternut squash, pancetta, spinach and pine nuts)

(Four fabulous pizzas in one: Luganica sausage; Italian cotto ham; roasted artichoke and chestnut mushrooms)

(Pork fillet with crispy Parma ham, mashed potato, green beans and a sage butter sauce)

(A whole sea bream, pan roasted with lemon & thyme, served with a green salad and roasted new potatoes).

Re the pasta - this is one of my favourite dishes on the menu - its always a pleasent surprise as it looks messy in the dish but it can be excused because of its taste - the balance of the chillies is just right - great for people who don’t like much heat but also great if you do like things hot - I would recommend this dish to anyone. The risotto was tasty - slightly underseasoned to allow you to add your own, however I didn’t notice the pine nuts in the dish so probably need a few more throwing in!! Texture was good as having cooked risotto myself i know how hard it is to get right.

The pizza is ok - I prefer thin bases so its a winner with me but think it needs cheese on there! But very tasty and not overwhelming in size. The pork is something I’ve seen on the menu a few times but never opted for it but will do in future - it was very tasty and tender and its accompanying mashed potatoes and green beans were lovely - creamy and smooth mash with al dente and buttery green beans! I couldn’t fault it. The fish was my least favourite dish - i’m not a fish person (unless shellfish) and the fact it was a full fish with head and tail put me off - I would suggest that people are asked if they want it “dressing” at no extra charge - I did taste the fish though once my partner had it stripped it from the bones and it was tasty but I let my partner eat it as the damage was done! The new potatoes that came with the fish were gorgeous - like little jacket potatoes! However, for me the side salad didn’t work - I’m thinking vegetables i.e carrots and green beans!!

For dessert there was

(Iced nougat semi-freddo ice cream with a shot of hot, fresh espresso to pour over the top)

(Similar in style to a Pannacotta. A soft rich custard made with Italian chocolate, hazelnuts, crushed Amaretti biscuits and a generous splash of amaretto liqueur)

(Especially made for us to a traditional artisan recipe from Marche in central Italy).

The nougat was by far my favourite - it was delicous and the expresso which you pour over the top was lovely - however for non coffee drinkers would be too strong (my partner wasn’t keen) - the presentation was great too. The ice-cream was, i’m sorry to say - nothing special, and at £4 is over priced - I would never buy ice-cream in a restaurant and this did nothing to convince me - the presentation could have been improved ie a mint leaf, pistactio nut or a chocolate swirl wouldn’t have gone amiss in order to justify the cost. The Chocolate pannacotta although very tasty (not too sickly) looked horrible - it wasn’t set like pannacotta but more of a mousse and it was just plonked on a plate - it honestly looked like something from out of a potty :-( - presentation really needed working on.

Drinks - there was a good choice of wine with a range of prices for all budgets, after a glass of red I moved on to a limonata very overpriced (£2.30) and was given to me straight in a can - doesn’t really make you feel special!! A nice touch was the complimentary jug of water with sliced fruit in it.

All in all we had a fab meal, the service was great considering it was a very busy friday night, and the manager even came over to introduce himself and ask if our meal was okay - as a result of last night my two friends are now going to be regulars! Thank you Strada!

Sam Whistler

This was the first time I’ve actually visited Strada, and myself and my three companions were all pleasantly surprised!

The starter was garlic and rosemary flat bread, olives and antipasto. We enjoyed the flat bread and antipasto. The flat bread was flavourful and had just the right amount of oil on it without being greasy. The antipasto had a good variety to share between us, and the olive tapenade was especially enjoyed. I don’t eat olives myself, but my companions said they were good and nice and large!

From the mains we tried, my boyfriend really loved the Risotto Zucca, the term ‘wow’ was uttered more than once! We also all enjoyed the Strozzapreti pasta, hand twisted pasta with spicy sausage. It was just the right amount of spicy, and although it didn’t have a sauce it was full of flavour.

The Saltimbocco Maiale, which was pork with parma ham on mash with beans and a sage butter sauce also went down very well, although one of our number felt the pork a little tough, the rest of us thought it was fine! The mash and butter sauce was rich and delicious.

The two other dishes sampled were a whole sea bream, which was very tasty, (but you need to be careful of the bones!), and a four seasons style pizza. We had mixed opinions on the artichoke on the pizza, one of us loved it, but the other three weren’t so sure!

Desserts were Pistachio ice cream, Affogato and Bunet Piemontese.

The ice cream was lovely and creamy, but we couldn’t taste much pistachio, maybe a bit too subtle if you wanted a real pistachio taste!

The Affogato was an iced nougart/ice cream creation, with a shot of espresso you pour over the top. It’s always fun to have some part in the creation of your pudding! And it was delicious, although if you don’t eat it quick it turns into a coffee/ice cream mush!

The last dessert was a chocolate hazelnut pannacotta style pudding, which although we all agreed it tasted great, the texture was a little strange due to the crushed amaretti biscuits mixed up in it. This unusual texture seemed to mostly bother our pannacotta lover, who was used to a smoother type!

One comment which we all used to describe the meal overall was that it wasn’t heavy at all, although there was quite a few carbs included, we didn’t feel stuffed and bloated, just nicely full, none of the meals were stodgy or starchy.

The service was also great, the waitress was friendly and chatty! I would defintley reccomend a visit to anyone, especially for a special occassion, as the restaurant is classier than other similar chain establishments. There also seems to be a very good range of meals, not just the standard pizza and pasta!

So go and visit, and try the risotto!

Aby Smith

This review is based purely on the food, and does not take into account service / drinks / surroundings as the review is intended to reflect the new menu.

The review reflects the opinions of those present, being 3 men and one woman, aged 24-30.

Well received - comments included that they were a nice flavour and different in that they had not been de-pipped.

Enjoyed by all. Whilst this was not anything different to breads offered by other restaurants and nothing defined it, it was a pleasant starter.

A nice mix of various items. Refreshing and light and very good to share. The Bruschetta was very nice. Again, it is a very typical starter one would expect for an Italian but well presented and good quality.

Voted the overall least favourite of the dishes by our table of diners. Personally I found this to be spicy yet bland - in that the only flavour was the spice itself. Others commented that they would have been disappointed if they had chosen this as their main course on its own.

A pleasant risotto but again, comments included that there were ‘floral’ notes which were a bit off-putting. Not sure where this flavour came from given the ingredients. Well cookked and a good consistency but we all felt we have had nice risottos. Could be improved by the addition of larger pieces of butternut squash / pumpkin / pancetta. I cannot recall seeing any pine nuts in it either.

Enjoyed by all, however, as commented on by one member of the party, a pizza is a pizza and there is rarely anything remarkable about them. Toppings well chosen and nice thin crispy base.

A firm favourite. Voted favourite dish. Very tasty and main comments were actually how impressive the mash potato was - very nice flavour! Good accompanyments with the sauce and beans and well prepared. Given that it is parma ham and pork, it was not too salty, very flavoursome and everyone would order it again.

Sparked a large discussion as to whether fish should be served with or without a head, and whether it should be filleted. Fish-eater on the table thought this dish was fabulous. I was a litte perturbed by the head (personal preference) but all agreed the fact that it was stuffed with herbs and lemon was a lovely addition and added to the flavour. It tasted very fresh and light. Also, the sauce which was on the salad and beans complimented the fish brilliantly. Overall an excellent choice for pescatarians or those wishing for something low in fat and healthy but still tasty.

Apart from not realising the espresso was supposed to go over the top of the dessert…the dessert itself was wonderful. Lovely flavour, texture and the right amount for a dessert. Well presented and the walnuts on top added to it nicely.

We loved this dessert. Being fans of Disaronno it was always going to be a good choice and we would order this again. Very sweet for those with a sweet tooth and absolutely delicious.

By comparison to the other desserts (which may have affected our palates with their stronger flavours) this seemed a little bland and tasteless for pistachio ice-cream, which usually has a stronger flavour. Would suit those with subtle tastes. Could be enhanced by the addition of nuts.

Catherine Plant

We arrived in a rush due to a late bus and when we arrive it was a good start the waitress showed us to our table took our coats and offered to get us drinks. After the drinks were served the olives arrived. In our party there was four of us and we all tried them but we didnt like the olives as they were not to our taste.

Shortly after the starters arrived and it was then that we noticed that one of the plates had a chip in it and also one of the wine glasses had a chip in it too. We were really surprised by this as we didn’t expect to see chips in them in this sort of restaurant. So, now onto the staters. The schiacciatella flat bread was delicious my mum loved it, Of the antipasto the tomatoes on the bruschetta pomodoro were to die for, we really enjoyed the Parma ham, Napoli salami, speckham from Trentino, buffalo mozzarella, however the olive tapenade didnt really have a taste of anything.

With the starters cleared between us all it was onto the main courses we were informed that we would have 5 dishes between the four of us. First up I had the STROZZAPRETI PUGLIESE for me this dish was a little too spicy and could have done with more cheese, I’m not really sure what the brocolli
adds to dish. Next the RISOTTO ZUCCA my mum had she was presently surprised as she enjoyed it a lot more than she was expecting her comment was it was delicious but there was too much as it is filling. My boyfriend chose the SALTIMBOCCA MAIALE and promptly cleared the bowl which is a very good sign as he can be quite fussy. His comment was that mash was sonice it was almost as good as mine. That leaves my dad who had the ORATA AL FORNO he really enjoyed it but there is a lot of waste on the dish which is understandable considering all the bones in a sea bream. Lastly we shared the four pizzas in one which was a good dish ideal to share.

After we made a good effort of clearing our way through the mains it was onto desserts. Top marks to the chef who did me the BUNET PIEMONTESE without nuts. This one was delicious although it was quite strong in alcohol. My dad loved the PISTACHIO GELATO which was really soft and delicious. My boyfriend hogged the Affogato and finished that off quickly although it doesn’t really need the fresh espresso shot as its good enough without it.

After the desserts and drinks were finished it was time for the bill, we had to look twice at this as we found we had been charged for 2 bottles of wine when we had only drunk one. With everything sorted we headed out towards home full and happy.