A taste of Romagna

Try something different for lunch today

We've brought street food to Strada! Try our delicious new Piadina Parma: toasted Italian flatbread filled with Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella and rocket, served with a salad garnish.

The origins of the Piadina, (or Piada) as we know it, can be traced back to 14th century Romagna. The Cardinal Anglico wrote of two 'piade' he was given, and describes them with a recipe.

Originally a staple food for the poor, this flat, unleavened bread - traditionally cooked on a terracotta dish - has been reinvented over the centuries to become a speciality dish available all over the world.

In Italy, Piadinas are usually made to order in piadinerie - special kiosks in the streets - and are available with a variety of savoury or sweet fillings, including: cheeses, cold cuts, grilled sausages with caramelised onion, salads, vegetables, chocolate spread or jam.