Aperitivi Top Tips

The main reason to enjoy the beloved Italian tradition of ‘aperitivi’ is to stimulate the appetite before eating - that and because they’re delicious - and anything dry or bitter qualifies as a respectable pre-dinner drink. Aperitivi are best complimented by small plates of nibbles (think bruschetta, olives, mozzarella) and range from a glass of crisp Prosecco to cocktails such as our classic Aperol Spritz.

Here are our top tips for enjoying aperitivi at home –

Tip 1
When making an Aperol Spritz, use large ice cubes (not crushed), which is essential for the drink's slow dilution.

Tip 2
Extra bubbly left over? Some say you can pop a spoon (handle side down) into the top of the bottle to make the fizz last longer! Otherwise, you can get a sparkling wine stopper online for a few pounds which will help your bubbly last longer too.

Tip 3
How many calories in a glass of prosecco? Not as many as you may think - a standard glass of Prosecco for your aperitivo session is under 100 calories.

Tip 4
A great trick for making cocktails for a larger group is to pour the mixers (juice or soft drink) into the glass before you pour in the alcohol. If you make a mistake, it’s much better to throw away a bit of fruit juice than 8 glasses of liqueur!

Prefer us to do the hosting? Strada offer a tempting range of Aperitivi, such as the Lemon Spritz, a refreshing blend of Limoncello, Prosecco and Limonata served over ice.

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