Pumpkin Risotto Recipe

Put those pumpkins to good use this Halloween and follow our Pumpkin Risotto recipe.

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Strada's Pumpkin Risotto


250g Carnaroli rice

50g white onion – finely chopped

1 clove garlic – minced

100ml white wine

750ml vegetable stock

100g butter

1 pumpkin or onion squash

1 chilli

Parmesan or Bella Lodi cheese

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

Amaretti biscuits


- Split the pumpkin in half and de-seed. Toss with the olive oil, salt and pepper.

- Smash the chilli with back of a knife and add ontop of the pumpkin.

- Place the pumpkin in an oven preheated to 180°.

- Now move on to the risotto. Heat a splash of olive oil in a wide based, thick bottomed pan and add the rice. Roll the rice in the oil and cook until lightly toasted.

- Add the onion and garlic. Allow them to soften in the pan, then quickly deglaze with white wine making sure the pan remains hot, to cook off all the alcohol.

- Slowly add the vegetable stock, constantly stirring the rice until it looks nice and creamy. You may need slightly more or less stock than the amount listed, so keep an eye on it and trust your judgement.

- When the rice is cooked to your liking, add the butter and Parmesan to taste.

- Keep folding the rice in until all of the ingredients are combined, taste and if happy, plate up! Allow the risotto to fall from the pan onto the plate, do not push it.

- Top it with wedges of the roasted pumpkin, crushed amaretti, more Parmesan and a good glug of olive oil.