Rigatoni, Speck e dolcelatte recipe

Rigatoni pasta, dolcelatte blue cheese, Speck ham and cream. Finished with rocket and Grana Padano.

Ingredients for 4 servings.

· Rigatoni pasta ( or any other short shape pasta) 350g

· Single cream 300ml

· Dolcelatte or gorgonzola 200g

· Flat leaf parsley

· Grated parmesan 3 tbs

· Washed rocket 4 small handful

· Speck ham 8 slices

· Sea salt

· Black pepper

Bring to boil salted water, add pasta and cook according pack’s instructions In the meantime heat a deep pan on medium-low fire and pour the cream in to it, bring to simmer and add the dolcelatte and gently melt the cheese into the cream, add parmesan, stir well. Wash and finely chop some flat leaf parsley. When the pasta is ready and “al dente” drain well, add to the sauce, add chopped parsley and combine well keeping the pan on a low fire until creamy and silky consistency is achieved, check seasoning Spoon the pasta into 4 dishes, add one small handful of rocket on top of each plate, slice 2 speck ham slices into 4/5 pieces and add on top of the rocket.