Strada Leads the Kids Pack!

Strada Leads the Kids Pack!

Many of us at Strada are parents, and once the business of a fresh new Spring menu for our adult guests was done, we knew we wanted to create a menu kids (and their grown-ups) would love.

With guidance from Rob at the Soil Association, who work tirelessly to raise awareness of the vital role nutrition plays in our youngsters lives, we created a menu full of mini versions of adult Strada favourites which are both tasty and nutritious!

A big thank you for all your feedback. You’ve told us in your hundreds what a difference food not automatically coming with fries, fresh organic juices instead of sugary or fizzy drinks, or having fresh fruit as a dessert option has made to meal times, and our kids sticker packs are proving to be a complete hit!

Rob at ‘Out to Lunch’ commented;
“Children’s food on the high street is often not up to scratch – too many restaurants are failing to serve families with fresh food you can trust or a healthy choice. It’s great to see Strada raising the bar with a new menu that treats children more like adults and supports them to make healthier choices. The new menu considerably boosts Strada’s potential standing in the Out to Lunch league table.”

You can read more about our involvement in Out to Lunch’s crusade here.