The Culinary Calendar - June

A focus on simple, great ingredients is at the heart of Italian cooking.

At Strada this is a philosophy that we believe in passionately and, from the start of June, every month we'll be celebrating a different Italian ingredient with a small selection of specially created dishes.

We're kicking off in June with roasted vegetables. And yes, we're bending the 'rules' a bit here as we're not really talking about a single ingredient, however, we think roasting and vegetables go to together so well they're worthy of celebration - and rules are there to be broken!

So, on June 9th, we'll be launching a range of special roasted vegetable dishes including Agnello Melanzane - roasted rump of lamb on a bed of roasted aubergine, roasted peppers and new potatoes with salsa verde - and Bruschetta Caponata - toasted ciabatta topped with a caponata of roasted aubergine, olive, celery and Italian tomato, finished with toasted pine nuts and basil infused oil.

And if none of our specials take your fancy then why not try our Rigatoni Siciliana? This Strada favourite is a delicious combination of roasted aubergines, courgettes and peppers in a garlic, basil and tomato sauce finished with ricotta.