We have a #STRADASUMMER Competition Winner!

After several weeks of seeing some amazingly creative entries in the form of poems, summer mini stories, guests photos on sunny patios eating and drinking Italian treats, and more, the day has come and we have drawn our very lucky #STRADASUMMER winner, Helen!

Helen is heading off to Italy with a guest to enjoy a luxurious, £5,000 value all-inclusive holiday in Sicily! Her and her guest will be hosted at the 5 star Donnafugata Resort (http://www.donnafugatagolfresort.com ), and whisked away on wine tours, golf lessons, massages and much more.

Here was our winner’s lucky, drawn entry that won her this fabulous prize:

Me and my hubby felt like we were in Italia, drinking prossecco with lovely salami, breads with oil mm mm how romantic! #STRADASUMMER

Congrats, Helen!

Thanks you SO MUCH to everyone who took the time to enter online, and to those who went a step further to re-Tweet their entries too! Stay tuned for our next, great Strada competition, and here are just a few of our team’s favourite #STRADASUMMER guest entries from the season we just had to share….

- Summertime and the eatin is easy.Gamberoni delicious and cavatappi creamy.# Stradasummer Gunwharf.

- The devil may wear Prada, but I will wear Strada! Strada - the restaurant where the desserts are worth wearing!#STRADASUMMER

- Sleek and stylish like Milan with the heady aroma of Mama's kitchen - when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's #STRADASUMMER

- I took my bruvvah To our local strada He loved the pastah And the aftahhs We want to go tahh Donnafugata TY strada! C U latah #STRADASUMMER

- Strada's new summer Pizza Rossa is so tasty and we shared a Limoncello trifle. Felt like being on hols on Italy! #STRADASUMMER

- I love my boyfriend...but I also love antipasto. Antipasto for two is perfect...or maybe just for one!#STRADASUMMER

- Summer evening in Central London, making the most of a little al fresco dining ahead of a show. Good company, great food #STRADASUMMER

- Oh Stradasummer How you tempt me with your bold, crisp delights You tantalize me with your marinated olives I surrender to you #STRADASUMMER

- Fresh,tasty dishes with family and friends having birthday fun, al fresco dining Italy style, is #STRADASUMMER

- A chilled glass of wine, a plate of fresh pasta, good company, pleasant surroundings, my perfect #STRADASUMMER day.

- Shimmering lights, summer nights, different tastes, a smiley face. Relaxing times in a Strada place.#STRADASUMMER